Confira as músicas da 2ª Temporada de Beauty and the Beast.  Clique nos links para escutar ou comprar as músicas disponíveis.

2X01 – Who Am I?

2X02 – Kidnapped

2X03 – Liar, Liar

2X04 – Hothead

2X05 – Reunion

2X06 – Father Knows Best

2X07 – Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner?

2X08 – Man or Beast?

2X10 – Ancestors

2X11 – Don’t Die on Me

2X12 – Recipe for Disaster

2X13 – Till Death

2X14 – Redemption

2X15 – Catch Me if You Can

2X16 – About Last Night

2X17 – Beast is the New Black

2X18 – Cat and Mouse

  • Cocktail Club – APM Studio Musicians
  • Cabin On The Hill – Jody Brian Quartet
  • Out of the Scenery – Dominique Fricot – Ouvir (Youtube) | Comprar (Itunes)

2X19 – Cold Case

2X20 – Ever After

2X21 – Operation Fake Date

2X22 – Deja Vu