Continue lendo e confira a trilha sonora da 3ª Temporada de The Originals. Clique nos links para escutar ou comprar as músicas disponíveis.

3X01 – For The Next Millennium

3X02 – You Hung the Moon

3X03 – I’ll See You In Hell Or New Orleans

3X04 – A Walk on the Wild Side

3X05 – The Axeman’s Letter

3X06 – Beautiful Mistake

3X07 – Out of the Easy

3X08 – The Other Girl in New Orleans

3X09 – Savior

3X10 – A Ghost Along The Mississippi

3X11 – Wild at Heart

3X12 – Dead Angels

3X13 – Heart-Shaped Box

3X14 – A Streetcar Named Desire

3X15 – An Old Friend Calls

3X16 – Alone with Everybody

3X17 – Behind The Black Horizon

3X18 – The Devil Comes Here and Sighs

3X19 – No More Heartbreaks

3X20 – Where Nothing Stays Buried

3X21 – Give ‘em Hell Kid

3X22 – The Bloody Crown