Continue lendo e confira a trilha sonora da 2ª Temporada de Empire. Clique nos links para escutar ou comprar as músicas disponíveis.

2X01 – The Devils Are Here

2X02 – Without A Country

2X03 – Fires of Heaven

2X04 – Poor Yorick

2X05 – Be True

2X06 – A High Hope For A Low Heaven

2X07 – True Love Never

2X08 – My Bad Parts

2X09 – Sinned Against

2X10 – Et Tu, Brute?

2X11 – Death Will Have His Day

2X12 – A Rose – Any Other Name

2X13 – The Tameness of a Wolf

2X14 – Time Shall Unfold

2X15 – More Than Kin

2X16 – The Lyon Who Cried Wolf

2X17 – Rise by Sin

2X18 – Past Is Prologue