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4X01 – The Past Is Parent

4X02 – Evidence of Things Not Seen

4X03 – Tag, You’re Me

  • Não há informações de músicas nesse episódio

4X04 – All My Exes Live in Essex

4X05 – The Games Underfoot

4X06 – The Cost of Doing Business

  • Little Green Apples – O.C. Smith – Ouvir (Youtube) | Comprar (Itunes)
  • 4X07 – Miss Taken

    4X08 – A Burden of Blood

    4X09 – Murder Ex Machina

    4X10 – Alma Matters

    • Não há informações de músicas nesse episódio

    4X11 – Down Where The Dead Delight

    4X12 – A View With a Room

    4X13 – A Study In Charlotte

    4X14 – Who is that Masked Man

    • Não há informações de músicas nesse episódio

    4X15 – Up To Heaven And Down To Hell

    4X16 – Hounded

    4X17 – You’ve Got Me, Who’s Got You?

    4X18 – Ready or Not

    4X19 – All In

    4X20 – Art Imitates Art

    4X21 – Ain’t Nothing Like The Real Thing

    4X22 – Turn it Upside Down


    4X23 – The Invisible Hand

    • Concerto for Organ and Orchestra No. 13 in F Major, Op. 4 “The Cuckoo and the Nightingale”, HMV 295: I.Larghetto / II. Allegro / III. Larghetto / IV. Allegro – Munich Chamber Orchestra & Michael Linge

    4X24 – A Difference in Kind