Continue lendo e confira a trilha sonora da 3ª Temporada de How To Get Away With Murder. Clique nos links para escutar ou comprar as músicas disponíveis.

3X01 – We’re Good People Now


3X02 – There Are Worse Things Than Murder

3X03 – Always Bet Black

3X04 – Don’t Tell Annalise

3X05 – It’s About Frank

3X06 – Is Someone Really Dead?

3X07 – Call It Mother’s Intuition

3X08 – No More Blood

3X09 – Who’s Dead?

3X10 – We’re Bad People

3X11 – Not Everything’s About Annalise

3X12 – Go Cry Somewhere Else

3X13 – It’s War

3X14 – He Made A Terrible Mistake

3X15 – Wes