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1X01 – New Boys, New Girls, New City

1X02 – Three Crushes

1X03 – Dream Police

1X04 – In Tears Again

1X05 – Eenie Meenie Miney Mo

1X06 – All Screwed Up

1X07 – Showing His True Colors

1X08 – Late Night Poolside

1X09 – What a Good Day!

1X10 – Before He Says the Words…

1X11 – Boy From the Rainbow State

1X12 – Is She Just Best of Three?

1X13 – Who Will Survive?

1X14 – Ikujinashi

1X15 – Heating Up for Someone Else

1X16 – Magic Spell Costco

1X17 – Anywhere for You

1X18 – Worst Date Ever

1X19 – A Christmas Nightmare

1X20 – Scissorhands

1X21 – Case of Poke Bowl

1X22 – Case of the Meat

1X23 – No Use Crying Over Meat

1X24 – New It Girl in the City

1X25 – Mr. Perfect in the City

1X26 – Love is in the Air

1X27 – Always Smiling With You

1X28 – Cry, Cry, Cry

1X29 – Nightie Nightmare

1X30 – Girl’s Decision in Love

1X31 – Natsumi & Fuyumi

1X32 – Shall We Pas de Deux?

1X33 – First Dip in the Pool

1X34 – Hamburg x Hamburg

1X35 – Bye Bye Mr. Perfect

1X36 – Byrnes Sandwich

1X37 – Slow Down Your Love

1X38 – Quick to Say I Love You

1X39 – Rocket Girl Dives Into Love

1X40 – Midsummer Intimacy

1X41 – Better Luck This Time

1X42 – Fragile Boy, Fragile Girl

1X43 – Kiss and Tell

1X44 – Price of a Lie

1X45 – The Riko Special

1X46 – Bye Bye Terrace House…